Gold Mastercard for English customers

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More than just a credit card: the key to a world of top-class services!

Extend your payment and withdrawal limits

With the Crédit Agricole Gold MasterCard, you can withdraw up to €2,000 per week. You also benefit from a higher credit limit than you would with a standard card.

Travel with complete confidence

The Gold MasterCard includes worldwide assistance and insurance services that cover cancellation or delay of travel arrangements, loss/theft/damage of luggage, damage/theft of a hire car and ski rescue services.

A world of privileges

Information services, theatre and travel booking services, flower delivery and more. With your Gold MasterCard, a single phone number opens the door to VIP services!

For you, Crédit Agricole… has created the Gold bonus. Every time you use your Gold MasterCard, €0.10 is deducted from your next annual fee! (1)

Crédit Agricole en ligne

Your Gold MasterCard on line
With Crédit Agricole Online , you can*:

  • view your Gold MasterCard statements (current and previous statement)
  • download your Gold MasterCard statement
  • send your Gold MasterCard statements to your email address
    *Only available for clients with a deferred payment Mastercard

1 The Crédit Agricole Gold bonus is a price reduction which is applied from the 2nd annual subscription. The €0.10 reduction will be applied for every withdrawal from Crédit Agricole ATMs and every payment made (excluding Moneo transactions), with the exception of successive payments made at toll booths on certain motorways over a short period, which are deemed to constitute a single operation. The card holder remains responsible for a minimum contribution to the subscription. The Gold bonus is applied to Gold MasterCards held for personal use. Offer subject to approval of your application by the regional office. Conditions and rates in application on 01/04/2007.
Detailed description

Who is it for?

Any adult who holds a bank account with Crédit Agricole(1).

Withdrawing cash

  • In France: you can withdraw cash up to the limit set by your regional office from any of the 44,000 ATMs showing the CB logo.
  • Abroad: use any of the 900,000 ATMs in more than 200 countries that show the MasterCard logo.

Making payments

With the Crédit Agricole Gold MasterCard, you can make payments in more than 24 million outlets around the world. Your bank advisor will help you define the monthly credit limit that best suits your needs.

Good to know:

your Gold MasterCard also contains a Moneo electronic wallet! Use your card to pay for the little odds and ends in life (bread, coffee, newspaper, stamps, parking meters.…). You don’t even have to enter your PIN code. This simple and useful service is available in many outlets.

    For more information about this service, visit

    Assistance services (2)

    As a Gold MasterCard client, you benefit from a full range of assistance services. Your children and grandchildren under the age of 25, whether travelling with you or separately, can also take advantage of these benefits, which include:

    • medical assistance: a network of skilled, capable specialists is at your service,
    • legal assistance abroad,
    • snow and mountain insurance: on-slope rescue costs are fully covered,
    • substitute driver: a chauffeur will return your vehicle to your home if you are unable to drive.

      Insurance services (2)

      Make the smart choice when you’re travelling. Pay for your purchases with your Crédit Agricole Gold MasterCard and you and your children or grandchildren under the age of 25, whether travelling with you or separately, automatically benefit from a range of special services:

      • travel insurance:
        • if your trip is cancelled or delayed, we cover all non-refundable costs (up to €5,000 per calendar year),
        • if your luggage is lost or stolen in transit, we cover the cost (up to €850 per event),
      • hire car insurance: you are fully covered if a vehicle you are renting is stolen or damaged (up to €50,000 per event),
      • snow and mountain insurance: unused ski passes are refunded (up to €850 per event) and medical expenses are covered (up to €2,300 per insured party),.
      • travel accident insurance: a sum of up to €310,000 per family and per event is paid in case of death/disability during a trip.
      • overseas civil liability insurance: compensation for acts for which you are deemed responsible is covered (up to €1,525,000 per event). .

      Exclusive Gold Mastercard services

      Wherever you are, your Gold MasterCard is there to help. Through a single phone number, you have 24-hour access to a range of services, including:

      • travel and theatre reservations,
      • preferential rates and priority access for major car hire and flower delivery companies,
      • immediate access to assistance, insurance and card cancellation services.

      The Crédit Agricole Gold Bonus (3)

      Every withdrawal you make from a Crédit Agricole cash machine and every payment you make with your Gold MasterCard earns you €0.10. The total sum is deducted from your next annual fee – you only have to pay a nominal fee (1€) or make up the balance. This bonus applies from your 2nd year of subscription and is only available to clients holding a Gold MasterCard for personal use.

      (1) Subject to approval of your application by the Regional office.
      (2) According to the limits and conditions stated in the collective contract signed by the emitting bank – through Europay France Assurance, 44 rue Cambronne 75740 Paris cedex 15, SAS with a capital of €4,901,